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BMW CIC and ComBox retrofit DIY

What it takes to retrofit CIC and COMBOX to your E90 E91 E92 E93 E60 E61

E63 E64 E87 E65 E66 ETC.

So you decided to retrofit CIC unit instead of CCC or MASK unit. Well its a good idea because with CIC you will be getting quite modern setup even by today 2017 standards:


  • LED High Definition screen

  • 600 MHZ processor (200mhz max CCC)

  • HDD for maps and music and other things

  • DVD video (can be setup in motion as well)

  • HD radio built in and SAT tuner (latest CIC after 2010)

  • Great navigation maps with current support

  • Better reliability vs CCC

  • COMBOX support for BT streaming with full control (albums, tracks, etc)

  • Backup camera support with extra video module

  • Internet support. Yes actual internet so you can really browse pages

As you can see with CIC navi unit, you will be getting pretty much current standards of multimedia in your car for a luxury car. So is it worth it? Absolutely. I will try to be as short as possible, so not to scare you from doing it.


So you will need to perform next simple steps to get CIC working:

  1. Remove your current CCC module, Screen and Idrive controller (optional). CCC Idrive controller is better quality and much stronger vs newer one and looks nicer and does not squeak and lasts forever, though newer one has lots of shortcuts (not very important) and you will need to buy extra bezel and spend extra some hours.

E90 E91 E92 E93 CCC HEAD UNIT Removal Instructions:
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  1. Remove female pins from CCC power connector and repin them into CIC screen connector, just 4 wires. Repin Idrive controller connector to support newer controller (4 pins only).

  2. Install CIC screen and the head unit

  3. Get it coded and NAVI activated or if you prefer you can use CAN filer module (not recommended). CIC will not let you use navigation menu otherwise (by default CIC only works with one car vin number and of course it will not match your car).

  4. Update navigation maps using your usb port you connected to CIC head unit (not the combox USB!). Buy FSC codes from dealer (150$) or get it generated online (20$ only) or if you buy it from us it will be activated and updated already without any filters.

To get COMBOX module working you will need:

  • Remove your current TCU and MULF (if you have it). Located in the trunk in the spare tire area

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  • Remove pins from 54 pin TCU module connector and repin them into 26 pin 61136913626 Combox connector according to this diagram (click to enlarge) :

  MOST Connector needs no modification.
  • Install MOST jumper into the MULF MOST connector, because you will not need it anymore and you can not have open MOST connector siting there (loop will be broken otherwise)
  •  Install antenna connectors (2 GSM and 1 Bluetooth antenna). You might need to cut plastic connectors groves on the combox unit to fit your older TCU antenna FAKRA connectors. Make sure ComBox module has a black connector, because there are F series ComBox units and the have white connector instead.
  •  Run USB and AUX cable into center console (optional)
  •  Code CIC unit and COMBOX and done!