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BMW ABS/DSC/BRAKE LIGHTS ON? Christmas tree on the dash?

So this article is about quite standard problem you can find on lots of cars, but here its about BMW. So you started getting first randomĀ  lights on the dash and later it became permanent lights on mess on the dash. Usually you get ABS, DSC, DTC, BRAKE lights on and some messages on the idrive, like drive train malfunction, etc. ABS_DSC Lots of mechanics diagnose it as bad abs sensors, abs pump etc, because it shows these errors on the scanner. YES, IT WILL NOT TELL YOU THAT ABS MODULE IS BAD, IT WILL ONLY TELL YOU WHAT SIGNALS ARE LOST, THEREFORE YOU END UP REPLACING LOTS OF WHEEL SENSORS, ABS PUMPS, SWITCHES AND SO ON. THE ANSWER IS INSIDE THE ABS UNIT-TINY GOLDEN WIRES BROKE OFF FROM AGE AND VIBRATION AND THAT'S WHY YOU GET ALL THOSE ERRORS! ABS_DSC-_ENGINE new_abs SO SIMPLY REPLACE ABS/DSC UNIT WITH A NEW ONE (600$+)OR GET IT REBUILD FOR 100-150$ WITH WARRANTY. NOTICE NEW CLEAN MODULE DOES NOT NEED CODING- IT IS SELF CODED, SIMPLY IT WILL WRITE VIN NUMBER AFTER YOU CONNECT IT FOR THE FIRST TIME, SO DON'T PAY ANYONE FOR "CODING" NEW UNIT. USED UNIT NEEDS TO BE REPROGRAMMED, BUT I RECOMMEND NEW UNIT OR REBUILD YOURS.