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Smoking white from tailpipe?? N62, N72 family engines applies to any V8, V12 from 2002 AND UP.

Smoking white from tailpipe?? N62, N72 family engines applies to any V8, V12 from 2002 AND UP. smok valve seals So most likely if you own bmw with N62 or N73 engine, most likely you have oil consumption or you noticed your car smokes white after prolonged sitting and idling??? Well this is the worst and very common problem with these engines. Do not listen to any fairy tales and accept it: YOU NEED NEW VALVE SEALS! AND IT ALSO CAUSES CLOGGED AIR PORTS ON N62B44 Nothing will help and don't waste your time and money: -don't even try thicker oils, it won't help and is very bad for vanos lines -don't think any seafoming can help You can replace CCV or mushroom valves on the valve covers. If they are cracked, you will get check engine light or simply it will introduce oil fumes into combustion camera. But here is the catch: ccv even if CCV is bad and torn completely, there is not much oil in the fumes to produce that much smoke anyways, even if you connect crankcase line directly into intake manifold (this is how it was connected in old cars anyways), you will not get much or any noticeable white smoke if compression is good, but it will affect oil consumption for sure. But when valve seals are bad, you will definitely introduce lots of oil into the combustion camera, because it leaks right on the piston, compared to CCV, when there is time to mix oil fumes with intake air. this what you need: valveseals FAILURE TO REPLACE VALVE SEALS WILL CAUSE: -CATALYTHIC CONVERTERS FAILURE SOONER OR LATER -RESTRICTED AIR FLOW FOR SECONADRY INJECTION PORTS ON 745LI, 645I, 545I, 745I -WILL DAMAGE SPARK PLUGS -WILL MAKE YOUR COMBUSTION CAMERA DIRTY, CAUSING ENEVEN IDLE AND POWER LOSS -DRIVING WITH LOW OIL LEVEL WILL DAMAGE THE ENGINE -WILL CLOG MUFFLERS AS WELL So long story short you need valve seal job, which is expensive even at small shops 1500$-3000$ or 8000-9000$ at BMW dealerships!!!!! Good news is new valve seals were updated and will last for long. My GOOD recommendations: -YOU CAN DO IT WITHOUT REMOVING HEADS -AVOID AGA MAGICAL TOOL: IT IS MUCH FASTER AND EASIER TO REMOVE CAMS AND DO IT RIGHT. -ALWAYS REPLACE UPPER TIMING CHAIN COVER GASKETS ALONG WITH NEW VALVE COVER GASKETS -REPLACE CHAIN TENSIONERS IN THE HEADS, BUT I ALSO RECOMMEND NEW CHAIN GUIDES, BECAUSE THEY DO WEAR OUT AND CAUSE UNEVEN IDLE AND POWER LOSS. -INSTALL NEW CCV AND CLEAN CCV LINES EVERY 60KMLS -DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USED ENGINE!!! IT COULD AS BAD AS YOURS, BECAUSE RUBBER VALVE SEALS DO AGE WITH YEARS OF SITTING BADLY. ALL VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH N62 ENGINES WILL EXPERINCE THIS PROBLEM SOONER OR LATER! IT CAN HAPPEN EVEN TO LOW MILES CARS, EVEN 40-60KMLS, SO WHEN YOU BUY N62 CAR

Battery replacement BMW e65 745i, 745Li, 750i, 750Li, 760Li, 730D, 740D, 730i, 735LI, common mistakes

Applies to any BMW with power module: e90, e60, e70, F01, F02, F30 etc So you got a “recharge battery' warning, and you went to AutoZone or any other store and bought new battery. You installed it, then you probably were told to register it, or some mechanic registered it for you. You think everything is good now, right?? But battery warning still comes back and some smart mechanic or independent shop tells you its okay as long as battery is new and registered! So here is the story: One 2003 BMW 745li with very low miles came over with ABS module errors and with battery discharge warning. Well, he replaced the battery and it was “professionally registered”. But not only problems still there, but now it actually creates lots of faults on the top! Plus his alternator seized! Coincidence?? So lets see: BMW e65 before 2004 were equipped with 110ah standard lead acid battery. After 2004 they introduced new standard, which is 90ah AGM battery (which is great battery if maintained well). So not only type is different, but capacity is lower!!! What happens when today you buy 90AGM battery (they don't sell older 110ah battery for these cars) and install it into the vehicle which has highly sophisticated power module, which knows battery type and capacity?? Quite simple: it will still think you have 110ah lead acid old battery and it will constantly try to charge it to get it to fully charged state!!! And it will not ever happen, but will destroy your new battery and will put lots of stress on alternator plus you might get various faults in different modules! OLD 110ah LEAD ACID BATTERY setting: CBS_SCEN_10H     nicht_aktiv CC_15_EIN     wert_01 BATTERIE_KAPAZITAET     110ah ERKENNE_SBE1_HI_RE NEW 90AGM SETTING BATTERIE_KAPAZITAET     90ah ERKENNE_SBE1_HI_RE or you can use BMW progman, which will do it automatically, but i prefer NCS instead: quick&easy&safe That's why BMW dealership will charge you more to reprogram your vehicle so it supports new battery type. This is what lots of mechanics and shops don't know about or simply ignore it!!! Why?? because they don't want to learn anything and interested in quick and easy money. So basically you are supposed to check what power module says, but if your car is 2004+, most likely it came with 90AGM and all you need to do is to register it. There are few options here: BMW INPA, ISTA, aftermarket tools can run it too, but only NCSEXPERT or PROGMAN can reprogram power module so it supports 90AGM. AND YES YOU HAVE TO REGISTER NEW BATTERY, BECAUSE POWER MODULE CONSTANTLY CHECKS THE BATTTERY CAPACITY AND WITH AGE, BATTERY GETS WEAKER AND THEREFORE IT APPLIES LESS CURRENT TO FULLY CHARGE IT. SO NOT REGISTERING NEW BATTERY WILL MAKE POWER MODULE THINK, YOU HAVE STILL OLD WEAK BATTERY AND IT WILL NOT TRY TO FULLY CHARGE IT (I'M NOT GOING DEEPLY INTO DIFFERENT SPECS IT CHECKS AND RUNS WHILE YOU DRIVING YOUR CAR), BUT BOTTOM LINE YOU HAVE TO REGISTER IT AND IF YOUR CAR IS OLDER MODEL, YOU AVE TO MAKE SURE POWER MODULE ACCEPTS 90AGM.