We are happy to introduce our first custom designed unique remote start module. I think everyone knows what remote start is and why you need it (of course you can survive without it), but here are few reasons:
  • Engine warm up: Did you know why BMW shows warm up line on your tachometer and they don't want you to rev engine (DME is coded to reduce RPM before it warms up)  to avoid bearings failure due to poor lubrication???? it is always good to warm up your engine and transmission before driving especially in cold weather. All moving parts of your engine will benefit from better warmer oil temps. Engine oil has much better lubrication specs when warmed up. Some mechanics will tell you its OK to drive right away, but its not true and people have no idea how oil works, no wonder why commercial trucks and cabs can get up to 1mln miles or more out of the engine. The worst wear and tear happens on the first cold start. Every cold start~ roughly 5000mls engine life and even more for diesel engine due to higher compression ratio.
  • Interior warm up or cool down in hot or cold weather, it will also defrost your windows and mirrors quick, so you don't have to wait and put yourself in danger due to poor visibility etc. With extra module you can even schedule starts every day and check status of your engine and shock sensors. Most convenient feature in hot climate areas. Imagine you parked your car in Miami or Houston 110F +40C weather and how nice it is to enjoy cooled down interior and your leather seat is not frying hot anymore. Will also prevent leather wear and tear if you keep interior ventilated in the summer. You can schedule remote starts every hour or so. Imagine how much leather interior costs in 760li or Rolls Royce Phantom?
  • If you drive short distances it will recharge your battery at least for extra 15-20 mins.
Here We will describe how to install remote start module on any BMW e65/66/RR. Some people say it might be very complex, in fact its very easy and if you can replace a light bulb in your car, you can install this module yourself. This module was custom designed&built by us, so you will not find any solution anywhere else at least yet and its quite inexpensive, only 350$ shipped. Some people ask why is it so expensive? Well it depends what to call expensive: remote start HONDA CIVIC OR SUCH will cost you 300-400$ installed and you will have extra bulky remote and its not high tech by any means and installation is 100 times more complex (YOU NEED TO CONNECT BRAKE SWITCH, DOOR SWITCHES, ETC AND ITS ALL MECHANICAL CONNECTIONS) than our module AND NOT SAFE, BECAUSE IT OPERATES HIGH CURRENT RELAYS AND IF INSTALLATION DONE UNPROFESSIONALLY YOU MIGHT BURN YOUR CAR, UNLIKE OUR MODULE IS FULLY INTEGRATED INTO ALL BMW MODULES AND IT DOES NOT OPERATE ANY HIGH CURRENT RELAYS OR SUCH, YOU CAN SEE HOW THIN OUR WIRES ARE, AND OUR MODULE COMMUNICATES USING 8 BIT MICROPROCESSOR AND FULLY PROGRAMMABLE AND TALKS TO CAS AND IHKA MODULE THE WAY BMW DESIGNED AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY EXTRA REMOTE AND HIDE IT IN THE CAR (REDNECK REMOTE START SOLUTION). SO OUR REMOTE START CAN BE CALLED FACTORY REMOTE START MODULE, SINCE IT WORKS ON TOP OF THE CAS MODULE. AND ITS VERY VERY SMALL AND CAN BE HIDDEN VERY EASY NEAR CAS MODULE. Tools needed:
  • Torx T25 screwdriver
  • Some sharp pick tool or scalpel
  • ***BMW NCS &INPA installed on your laptop with OBD DCAN cable
  • Pair of good hands:)
*** We will provide free coding if you don't have equipment or experience, plus we can code extra options if needed (open windows from remote, LED replacement coding so no errors on the dash, fold mirrors from remote) Installation process can be divided in 2 easy steps: INSTALLATION & CODING/PROGRAMMMING
  1. INSTALLATION ONLY 6 WIRES (4 posi taps and 2 insert contacts):
  • Disconnect negative wire from your battery as a precaution, though its not necessary
  • Remove plastic panel on top of the climate control module, it simply pops out. Use some flat plastic panel remover tool or credit card. Unscrew (1) 4 T25 screws holding central vent. Gently Push central vent out of the panel, Disconnect central vent sensor connectors. Check pictures:
  • Remove CAS and IHKA connectors. Check pictures:
  • Remove actual pin connectors from the housings. Use some sharp pick tool or scalpel or knife to release tabs on each connector. Each connector  has special direction lock so you can't install them wrong and has numbers on it. Check pictures:
  • Find appropriate wires from remote start module connector and connect them according to this diagram. I recommend installing POSI TAPS connectors further away from housings, so you can close it easy. Just move down factory isolation tape for some extra space. You need to insert 2 contacts female pins and tap 4 wires into existing wires. Please make sure you follow this diagram (click to enlarge):
  • Once all wires connected properly, please connect actual remote start module. If everything was done correctly, you should see emergency blinker flashing 3 times. It will only do it once, after you connected the module. This means everything was connected properly and module can talk to your CAS module, this is very important step. You cannot proceed if you didn't see flashing. To confirm, you can disconnect it again and connect it, so you see the confirmation flashing again. Now Emergency blinker will be used to program your keys and features.
  • *** Blue wire from remote start module can be used to add additional remote start module to extend the range or it can be used with GSM module, so you can start it from anywhere in the world where cellular network is present. By default its programmed to start the vehicle once +12V is present on this wire. You can install Viper car alarm with SMARTSTART module, this way you can start it anywhere with cellular network. This is additional feature and not supported in all countires.
  1. CODING&PROGRAMMING (we can code it remotely if you don't have equipment)
  • Assuming everything was installed correctly in the first step, we need to code CAS module to accept commands from our remote start module. This very important, because it will not accept anything from our module otherwise.
  • If battery replacement was never registered, you should register it using INPA or ISTA. It might not start the engine if battery is weak or not registered
  • Add $539 and code CAS and IHKA modules, for American and Canada market you need to change FA code as well. Note: if you have WEBASTO heater and you would like to also start your heater remotely, please add $536 option as well. Last number of the FA code should be changed from 3 to 1.Example FA code with added $539 option and changed last digit from 3 to 1: E65_#0906&U6SW%0475$1CA$229$248$252$255$2EA$2VB$302$316$319$322$323$330$358$403$415$416$423$430$431$438$441$442$451$453$456$464$470$488$494$496$508$521$524$534$539$609$620$645$655$672$677$691$697$760$845$850$853$925$992$9AA*HL81-LEDE
  • Now after you coded CAS and IHKA modules with NCS Expert, our remote start module can talk to CAS and IHKA, so you have to program remote start module to your CAS, by using this technique shown on the video or use diagram below. Door locks MUST respond accordingly just like on the video. If you didn't see this confirmation, it means you didn't count pauses, or CAS hasn't been coded with $539 option and last number hasn't been changed. You can not proceed if you didn't see module pairing confirmation with door locks and eergency blinker!
  • Now after remote start module has been paired successfully with your CAS module, we need to store our factory remote keys in the remote start module memory. It supports up to 6 remotes. Please follow the video to pair your factory remotes with the module. If you didn't see this confirmation, it means you didn't count pauses between pressing buttons, or CAS hasn't been coded with $539 option and last number hasn't been changed. You can not proceed if you didn't see module pairing confirmation with door locks and emergency blinker!
  • If all steps went through successfully and assuming factory remote works good and alarm beeps once after you lock it , you should be able to start your vehicle by pressing lock button on your remote 3 times and stop the engine by pressing it 2 times. By pressing lock button 5 times you can start WEBASTO aux heater if your car equipped with it. Every second press of the lock button will be confirmed by turn signal blinkers, so you know it accepted your commands.
  • Congratulations, everything was done properly. If you have doubts you can code it, we can always help remotely and send you the equipment, plus you will get free full diagnostic (300$ at the dealer by the way). 300$ deposit will be refunded upon receiving the equipment. Do not hesitate and contact us by email or call (415)323-3412.
Conditions it will not start the engine:
  • it didn't beep once, after you locked your vehicle. Possible reasons: Hood open or hood switch faulty (you can disconnect it, this way your car thinks it is always locked), any door open or trunk.
  • Low fuel level in the fuel tank. Less than 60mls range or 100km. Make sure fuel level sensor is working correctly
  • Battery is weak or not registered
This remote start is very sophisticated and incorporates all safety features built into the CAS from factory:
  • Will not let anyone drive it without remote key. If you don;t have comfort access you will need to insert the key in order to switch gear selector. Otherwise it will not let you select gears or rev the engine.
  • It will turn off itself after 15 minutes, if no one opened the car.
  • Automatically sets up 72F temperature with AC to cool down or heat up interior.
  • Will not let anyone with remote key operate any controls inside the vehicle, otherwise it will shut off everything.